St. Francis de Sales Cemetery

Historic St. Francis de Sales Cemetery

Set apart from the city, amidst fertile farmland and solemnly blessed, the earthy remains of our faithful departed await the day of Resurrection in the sacred ground of St. Francis de Sales Cemetery. With the passage of time, the worn tombstones of Adelaid Peters and Patrick Boyle signify the earliest parishioners of Irish and German descent, laid to rest in 1846.

This parcel of land, this holy ground, inspires our own faith in giving Public witness to the lives of our beloved deceased, our belief in the Resurrection of the body, eternal life, our belief in the Church Triumphant in Heaven, as well as the dignity of the body.

Rooted in ancient religious traditions, displaying a respect and Reverence for the physical world, our Catholic cemetery is an extension of St. Francis de Sales Church, where those who have worshipped and prayed together in life, await the resurrection.

Our highest priority is to ensure that St. Francis de Sales Cemetery remains a beautiful and dignified final  resting place befitting the beloved dead.  Since 2016, many cemetery improvements have transpired, including new signage, upgrading roadways, planting trees and trimming years of overgrowth.  Annually, historic tombstones are scheduled for repair.

To discuss cemetery plot locations and availability, please contact:
CMS Cemetery Management Services at 262-716-0005. 

As cemetery improvements are dependent on financial donations and bequests, please consider making a donation by contacting the St. Francis de Sales Parish office at 262-248-8524.

St. Francis de Sales Cemetery is located 2.5 miles east of St. Francis De Sales Church, on the south side of Highway 50.

St. Francis de Sales Cemetery Legacy Paver Program

The Legacy Paver Program provides an opportunity to remember one dear to your heart, (living or deceased), a beloved friend, choir member, committee member, or individuals who have dedicated their time and talent to benefit our parish, as well as those who have not been buried in our parish cemetery.

Consider memorializing a loved one on our legacy walk! Proceeds from paver sales will fund charity burials as well as continued cemetery beautification.