Small Groups

There are bible studies, book studies, talks and more offered throughout the year.  Watch the parish bulletin and Facebook page as well as here for upcoming events: 

Please check soon for upcoming events.

The Emmaus program is a retreat weekend open to all men and women seeking to grow in their connection with Christ. The purpose of the weekend is to give adults the opportunity to reflect upon themselves, their relationship with God and their community. SFDS has Spanish and English speaking groups. Watch the bulletin and website for upcoming retreats.

Are you looking to grow in your faith through independent study? The St. Francis de Sales Parish Library was established to encourage, support, and enrich the spiritual and intellectual growth of our parishioners by providing educational and inspirational materials that are consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The library contains a wide selection of over 1800 books, DVDs, and CDs for all ages.  The library is open on Sundays after Masses and is located in the basement of the Parish Center.  For more information on donating or usage, please contact the Parish Office at 262-248-8524.