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Tuesday Newsletter – April 2, 2024

Good afternoon SFDS Families, 

We are so thankful that so many of you have already re registered for next year.  We have begun open enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year and our 4K class only has 1 spot left! If you have another child that you would like to enroll for next year and didn’t include them on your registration form please reach out to the office so we can include them in our class counts. 

Know anyone looking for an amazing school? Help spread the word that registration is now open. 


Saturday May 25th. More information coming soon!

Lego Club:

Students have been busy making a variety of creations such as a giant monster with arms, leprechaun traps, and a lighthouse. As the students continue to learn how to work with motors and construct with even weight distributions so their builds stand on their own with height. Other students are using their creative skills to construct a Sphinx. 

Check out our videos on our YouTube links:

 Walworth County Art Show Participants!

April 14th at 1pm is the Walworth County Art Show at Elkhorn Middle School. These are the talented artists whose work has been selected to go. Please come on out to see their work and appreciate our community of young artists talents.

Congrats To:

8th Grade, Jack Nobilio-2pt Perspective Drawing, 7th Grade: Mackenzie Chamberlin- Monochromatic Landscape, Abigail Wernquist- Colored Pencil Duck Drawing, Aubree Hochstresser-Watercolor Flower Painting, 6th Grade Natalie Butler-Acrylic Fall Still Life, 5th Grade: David Leonard- King Tut Mask, Aspen Lovelace-Birch Trees, Mackenzie Hoffman- Clay Monster, 3rd Grade Brynlee Cook- Kandinsky Tree,  Jacob Serna- Clay Monster

Raise Right (SCRIP not just for gifts)

Next order date: Tuesday 4/16/2024 by 9:00am

Casual date: Tuesday 4/23/2024

Sign up today and purchase e-cards and pay via credit card or bank account! school code: LE8L45FD2L91LS

See Mrs. Vavrina for more information.

School Year to date we have earned $1029.21! It’s that easy!

As always we thank you for your support!  

Enrolling Now

Catholic Central’s over 100 year tradition is better than ever! New classes added for the 2024-25 school year. Contact them today!  Flyer attached

  • Important Dates:
  • 4-3-2024 Lego Club 7:45
  • 4-3-2024 Art Club 3:45
  • 4-4-2024 Mass 8:45 (2)
  • 4-5-2024 3 QTR Ends
  • 4-9-2024 8th Grade Trip Casual
  • 4-10-2024 Lego Club 7:45
  • 4-10-2024 Art Club 3:45
  • 4-11-2024 School Mass 8:45(7)
  • 4-12-2024 Report Cards Go Home
  • 4-16-2023 RaiseRight Orders Due
  • 4-17-2024 H & S Meeting 6:00
  • 4-17-2024 1st Communion Teaching Mass 6:00
  • 4-21-2024 School Mass 9:00(Rel. Ed)
  • 4-22-2024 Casual week for Auction
  • 4-23-2024 Picture Book Craft Night
  • 4-24-2024 Lego Club 7:45
  • 4-24-2024 Art Club 3:45
  • 4-25-2024 1st Communion Rehearsal Plan 1 6:00
  • 4-25-2024 School Mass 8:45 (6)
  • 4-26-2024 LG YMCA 5K 9:30
  • 4-26-2024 LG YMCA 1 & 2 10:25
  • 4-26-2024 LG YMCA 3, 4, & 5 12:50
  • 4-26-2024 1st Communion 10:00 Plan 1
  • 4-30-2024 RaiseRight Casual