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The St. Francis de Sales Parish School Student Athletic programs are offered by the school to help in the total development of the child. The programs are an important aspect in the schooling of the child, yet it is also a privilege. The students represent our school in the community. Therefore, we need to have responsible Christians participating.

Athletics can be a value as a supportive element to the total education process. The process concerns the total person, the person’s growth as an individual – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Such activities play an important but secondary role in the education of our children and youth. These activities hopefully utilize and develop further the skills being taught in the classrooms. In addition, the development of physical skills exceeds those which can be learned in the classroom. Therefore, while extracurricular activities play a very significant role, they cannot be a substitute for primary skills. 

Athletics/Activities should provide:

  • A learning experience.
  • A positive base for Christian development.
  • An understanding of competition, emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • An opportunity for all participants to develop and share knowledge andskills appropriate to their level.
  • The interscholastic athletic program should be looked upon as the pinnacle and not the foundation of a school's physical education endeavors. A school should provide, first a program of physical education for all children, second an intramural sports program for all who desire some participation competitive sports, and finally an athletic program of competition in the skill sports.

Athletics Teams

Boys and girls in sixth, seventh and eighth grade are eligible to participate in athletics at St. Francis de Sales Parish School. (In the event of a shortage of players, fifth graders may be allowed to participate.) Squads are determined by numbers on an annual basis. Athletics offered are Girls’ Volleyball, Girls’ Basketball and Boys’ Basketball. Cheerleading is also offered on an interscholastic basis for students in fifth through eighth grades. Flag Football, Softball and Track and Field/Cross Country are also offered to a limited extent as an extension of the physical education classes.

Athletic Programs:

  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Volleyball (girls)

Contact & Forms

Dan von Rabenau
Athletic Director

Dan von Rabenau
Athletic Director