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Tuesday Newsletter – November 8, 2022

School Pictures
Are being sent home tonight! Please let me know if you don’t receive them.

 Raise Right (SCRIP not just for gifts)
Scrip orders are due on Tuesday 11-8! Sign up today and purchase at: school code: LE8L45FD2L91L
To earn your student a casual day!

 Option C Login /Report Cards
Option C has switched to an email username. You can only use 1 email per account. If both parents have the same email in option C, 1 won’t be able to log in.  If everyone can go to Option C now and log in to make sure you have access when report cards are available.

 Home & School Meeting
The next home and school meeting is next Wednesday night – Nov 16 at 6:30. Topics include:
-Halloween party recap
-looking ahead to Advent breakfast
-early discussions around the annual benefit
-IF WE CAN GET A COORDINATOR VOLUNTEER BY END OF DAY WEDNESDAY Nov 9, we will discuss the Christmas parade

Attention all parents of 8th grade students! Catholic Central will be offering a placement assessment for incoming freshmen on Nov. 11th, 12th, and Dec. 3rd, 2022. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our CC family and set up your child for academic excellence! Feel free to contact us with any questions at or register your child on our website here:

Important Dates:

  • 11-09-2022 Visual Arts 7th grade Milwaukee Art Museum
  • 11-10-2022 NO School Mass (moved to Friday 11-11)
  • 11-11-2022 Veteran’s Day
  • 11-11-2022 Mass 8:45 (6) Assembly after mass
  • 11-11-2022 Report Cards go home
  •  11-13-2022 KC’s Breakfast
  • 11-15-2022 Scrip Casual
  • 11-16-2022 H & S Meeting  6:30 ALL ARE WELCOME!